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Leyendas populares rusas Alexander Afanasyev

Leyendas populares rusas

Alexander Afanasyev

Published 2007
ISBN : 9788483930021
282 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a great collection of traditional Russian folktales which showcase the gorgeous illustrations of Ivan Bilibin. The stories included are:-Ivan Tsarevich, The Grey Wolf, and The Firebird-Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka-Finist the Falcon-Marya Morevna-The White Duck-Vasilisa the Beautiful-The Frog PrincessPersonally I enjoyed this collection because it gave me an opportunity to read certain stories for the first time and because it was such a great collection of Bilibins work, which Ive only seen in separate volumes before. I also liked the little poems and illustrations in between chapters. That being said, I did not completely enjoy this translation. The words seemed technically precise and often provided greater clarification on names but lacked some of the poetry of other translations.For example, I have a separate volume of Vasilisa the Beautiful, also illustrated by Bilibin but translated by Irina Zheleznova. One passage translated by Zheleznova reads: The stepmother and her daughters...Taking the skull from [Vassilisa], they carried it into the house and its eyes fixed themselves on them and scorched them like fire! Chandlers translation reads, Vasilisa carried the skull in. It began to stare at the stepmother and two sisters. Its eyes burnt like lasers.However, this may be nitpicky. Its a great collection, and the art alone is worth the price of admission.