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On Being And Essence Thomas Aquinas

On Being And Essence

Thomas Aquinas

Published March 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780872206168
128 pages
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 About the Book 

A brilliant text on the topics of being and essence. Throughout the text,one can see the influence of Aristotle(the major influence,of course),Avicenna and Boethius.In the first part,the concepts of being and essence are defined. Then it move on to essences of simple and composite substances. The concepts of genus and species are dealt with in the next step. How essence is found in substances is discussed in the next part. The entire theory part is borrowed from Aristotle. We can see the concepts of potentiality and actuality and form and matter appearing throughout. As an independent text based on Aristotelian theories,this text does justice to the master. The only problem I felt was the constant interference of God. Whenever a definition is put forth,there is given an exception with it,reserved for God. But that cant be helped since the author is Aquinas.The text is written in clear language and is easily comprehensible,for those with a basic knowledge of classical western philosophy.