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Who Shot the Judge? Harry L. Starbuck

Who Shot the Judge?

Harry L. Starbuck

Published July 17th 2007
Kindle Edition
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Out of the annals of the author’s own family history comes this story of the strange death of a popular circuit judge in a mysterieous shooting that remained unsolved for many years. Who shot the Judge? remained an unsettled question, despite all efforts to  find the answer.  This  is the account  of a hunting accident in the north woods of Michigan and the effects of such unsolved mystery on members of the  family and others.  The story concludes with a surprise ending and alludes to the question of the degree to which such unhealed grief might affect even succeeding generations.The prompting to write the story was born for the author in an experience of personal healing in a prayer group, from which the author emerged with a compelling sense that this story had to be written.  He could never seem to let it go.The judge was the author’s own grandfather, whom he, of course, never knew.